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Reviews of the Top 10 Teach Yourself Italian Guides of 2024

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Teach Yourself Italian Guides of 2024 (also known as Italian Learning Courses & Software). Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each teach yourself italian guide, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Rocket Italian image
With a brief glance above it is quite clear that Rocket Italian musters almost every feature a budding Italian learner could want and, although the initial price is towards the higher end of the scale, Rocket Languages generally offer some great deals and discounts to sweeten the deal. However, when learning a new language, what matters most is quality, not quantity; do Rocket Italian's materials...

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Rosetta Stone (Italian) image

Some teach yourself Italian courses will promise to get you reading, writing, speaking and listening. Some claim to focus specifically on one area. This is all very well, but Rosetta Stone promise to get you thinking in Italian. Through their Dynamic immersion method, users are exposed to words, sentences and phrases in Italian linked to their actual meaning, not translations. Users are encouraged to...

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Berlitz Italian Premier image

With more than 125 years of experience, Berlitz Italian Premier guarantees fast, easy and effective Italian learning. This sounds almost to good to be true for a product costing less than $40, especially when other learning solutions in this category can cost more that 10 times this.  For this one off fee, rather than a subscription, users get many features offered by more expensive products as well as some that are unique to...

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Transparent Language Complete (Italian) image
As a market leader in language learning software, Transparent languages offer many different languages to budding polyglots. At $179.95 their most comprehensive language learning solution is not cheap, yet with 5 products in one and a wide range of features Transparent Italian Premium Addition stands out from  the competition.  Furthermore, if Transparent Languages can deliver on their promise to get you 'speaking Italian as your would your mother...

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Myngle (Italian) image
Myngle has been the focus of quite some attention in the language learning sector as a new, innovative and overall different approach to teaching yourself Italian. Fundamentally, Myngle consists of a website which connects highly qualified teachers to enthusiastic students (like you!) all over the world in one virtual language learning community. Myngle's innovative approach has earned it a 95% student satisfaction rate as well as a...

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Before You Know It (BYKI): Italian image
Byki, or Italian Before You Know It, takes a bold and distinctly different approach to language learning. Most teach yourself Italian programs take you from A to B via vocab lists and grammatical explanations; basically, a tried and tested linear approach to learning. Byki, on the other hand, focuses solely on equipping users with a huge bank of words and phrases in their declarative memory. This information is memorized in a such a way...

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The Pimsleur Course (Italian) image

For most of us, the most important aspect of a language is verbal communication. Not only being the most enjoyable and easiest part of Italian, it is also the most useful. With this in mind, Pimsleur have developed a course which does away with reading and writing practice and focuses solely on your conversational skills. This can not only make learning Italian more enjoyable,...

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Fluenz (Italian) image

Fluenz Italian offers a rather distinct approach to language learning. Although forgoing the 'immersion approach', games and some other features, lessons are still made engaging through swish graphics and professional audio and video. For those unfamiliar with the immersion approach, it is a method of language learning that has become increasing fashionable in the past few years. Users are 'immersed' in their chosen language,...

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Michel Thomas: Italian for Beginners image

The late Michael Thomas was, and still is, a legend in the 'teach yourself' world. He believed that "if we put our minds to it, we could all be multilingual" and based his long and prestigious career on this simple statement. Maybe what Michael Thomas was most famous for was his three day intensive course in which, at $30,000 a pop, he taught foreign...

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Strokes International (Italian) image
Those looking for advanced technology and extensive content with no thrills needn't look any further than Stokes International. The box set will take you from complete beginner to an advanced level or you can buy the levels individually depending on your existing understanding of Italian. Stokes International covers both business and everyday Italian as well as all components of a comprehensive language learning course. Users are exposed to reading, writing, speaking, listening,...

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Latest User Reviews

Rocket Italian image
Premium Good, Plus Not
User Review of Rocket Italian by Tom D. on 25 October 2014

I enjoyed the first Premium course but am very disappointed with Premium Plus. It's as if there's a course missing in between. Premium gave you reasonable sentences to repeat and time to do so. Suddenly Plus has sentences two or... (Read the full review)

Transparent Language Complete (Italian) image
Weird staff
User Review of Transparent Language Complete (Italian) by Student on 19 September 2014

I went to their Italian blog and asked a question and their employee Geoff blew a fuse. Next thing I know, he's personally emailing me with insults. I complained to the company and they said they spoke with Geoff but... (Read the full review)

The Pimsleur Course (Italian) image
I like the Pimsleur Quick & Simple Italian 2nd Edition!
User Review of The Pimsleur Course (Italian) by Center For Sutton Movement Writing, Valerie Sutton on 27 April 2014

I like the Pimsleur Quick & Simple Italian 2nd Edition! There is nothing in writing. It is all audio, as it should be I think. I am an American who lived in Denmark years ago and learning Danish from meeting... (Read the full review)

Everywhere Italian Audio Course image
Everywhere Italian Audio Course - Better Things Are Availabl
User Review of Everywhere Italian Audio Course by Parla un po on 11 January 2012

Having purchased several audio-only Italian courses, we have to say that Everywhere Italian is our least favorite. 1) The audio is fairly variable, that is, the volume level is inconsistent and the recording of speakers' voices indicates much variation in... (Read the full review)